Secrets of Interior Design

Here I am sharing Secrets of Interior Design


1.  Choose a Consistent Color Palette

There are many designers get afraid of mixing pieces of different style. The designer Emily Henderson proves that – you can mix any style as long as the pieces work well within your selected color palette. “You should, include materials and silhouettes – there should be a similarity between everything.

2. Apply Powder Coatings

Apply Powder coating to your bathroom accessories to match it. You won’t believe but you will love it.

3. Map Out Your Gallery Wall

Don’t make a mistake! Do not make hole on the wall to hang frames. A perfect way to hang your pictures on the wall use cardboard from the boxes itself. Cut out the trace, and hang on the wall, adjust it. For this job use good quality painters tape.

4. Hang Bold Wallpaper in bathroom

Stick beautiful, bold and busy wallpaper. It will help to look your small space bigger with seamless corners.

5. Don’t afraid to use Large Art

When it comes to décor a small space, we often think that the furniture and art should be small, but that’s not true. Always remember for small space use large piece of art as a centre of attraction. It will help to make the space feel larger & greater. But not too many large pictures.


6.Create a Calming Space with Colors and Patterns

Add a soft color palette with a mix of white, gray, and taupe. Texture is key and can create a lot of dimension and movement in it. For additional impact you can add stripe or create a monochromatic look.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Patterns

You can confidently try the layered look. Go for colourful, pattern-heavy textiles and style them in unique combinations. For example – you can try a geometric with a floral.

8. Keep Your Bed skirt in Place

To help keep your bed skirt in place over time, you can use upholstery pins on the deck of the box spring. Pin through the skirt top and box spring so the skirt hangs evenly.

9. Use Performance Fabrics Indoors

Now you can add Performance fabrics for indoors too. If you want to keep your pieces look great indoor/outdoor textiles are a perfect solution for it. There are some fabrics you can find any stains easily blotted out, and you find it spotless after a single wash.

10. Turn to Black Paint for an Accent Color


Each and every designer love to paint window mullions charcoal black. The key is to paint just the one- to two-inch-thick trim that touches the glass, not the entire window casing.



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