Interior design ideas for your studio apartments

Interior design ideas for your studio apartments

1.       Use a Bookshelf or Folding Door as a Room Divider

Many times it’s difficult to establish a defined floor plan for open spaces. A perfect way to do this is to carve out an area in your studio with a large bookshelf or Folding door.

2.     Turn Your Sofa Into a Night-bed

If you’re short on space, you can turn your Sofa into a night-bed. This would allow you to use your couch as a night bed during the night. Best idea to use one furnishing two ways.

3.     Designate an Accent Wall

A great way to create some visual interest by creating an accent wall in a small studio. You can use a bold, abstract wallpaper design to define the space in the bedroom.

4.     Try Loft for tall ceiling studios

Making a loft is a great idea to add some additional square footage to your space for tall ceiling studios.

5.     Get Creative with Shelving

Creating an attractive shelving unit is also a great idea for an open wall in your studio.

6.     Don’t Say No to BIG Art

There’s no need to afraid for a big art, even in a small studio apartment. You can try a big art piece above your bed.


7.      Use Curtains to Define Your Space

Another easy way to define your space is with curtains. You can use curtains to create a private sleeping area in the studio.

8.     Make Use of Every Corner

Make sure you’re using each & every corner of your studio apartment.

9.     Wall Shelves for Extra Storage

Wall shelves are another great idea to create storage space in your studio apartment. They are easily available in all sizes as per your requirement.

10. Focus on Two in One use Furniture

For studio apartment, it is important to choose Two in One use Furniture pieces. Choose a bed with built in storage. Rather than selecting dining table, go for a coffee table that’s big enough for you to use.


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